IES KG and Balodyan

Principal's Message

Ms. Gitanjali Patel

As the Headmistress of the School, I am very happy to welcome you to our website, which will give you a peek into what makes our school special and vibrant

I'm sure as you explore you will know about..

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Chairman's Message

Dr. Rajeev Joshi

Education is the building block of a person’s character, and providing good education is the moral obligation of any school. A person with good education and good moral values is an asset to any community. And a good school ...

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Integrated Learning

We follow an integrated learning approach that enables the child to see connections within content areas and understand important concepts and ideas more easily. By teaching science concepts through integrated, interdisciplinary instructions simultaneously addressing contents in depth by interweaving several subjects like Language, Art Math and Science we help children enhance their mental performance. A variety of enriching extensions and hands on learning experiences help children build concepts through active engagement.

News & Events

Admission Schedule 2018-19

Report Robinage

We are proud to announce that our students & teachers participated in the competitions organized by Kala Vikas Mandal and came out with flying colours.
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Results for Masterminds National Level

Preschool league : English

  • Samarth Khanna - Mini KG - A
  • Gayatri Yelekar - Jr.KG A - 13th
  • Samarth Parkhi - Jr.KG A - 14th
  • Shravani Kadam - Jr.KG A - A+
  • Suyash Sarwankar - Jr.KG B - A+
  • Samidha Gurav - Jr.KG A - A
  • Nandita Korgaonkar - Jr.KG A - A
  • Essaki Raja Shankar Nainar - Jr.KG E - B+
  • Aaradhya Badole - Sr.KG B - 11th
  • Sanvi Mane - Sr.KG C - A+
  • Harshit Keni - Sr.KG B - A
  • Arnav Choudhari - Sr.KG C - A
  • Arya Gawde - Sr.KG G - A
  • Bhakti Hatle - Sr.KG B - B+

Preschool league : Math

  • Gayatri Yelekar - Jr. KG A - 11th
  • Suyash Sarwankar - Jr.KG B - A+
  • Nandita Sarwankar - Jr.KG A - A+
  • Essaki Raja Shankar Nainar - Jr.KG E - A+
  • Samarth Parkhi - Jr.KG A - A
  • Sharvari Sawant - Jr.KG A - B+
  • Swaranjali Kamble - Jr.KG C - B+
  • Aaradhya Badole - Sr.KG B - 3rd
  • Sanvi Mane - Sr.KG C - 17th
  • Harshit Keni - Sr.KG B - 17th
  • Khyati Shetye - Sr.KG B - A+
  • Arnav Choudhari - Sr.KG C - A+
  • Arya Gawde - Sr.KG G - A+
  • Bhakti Hatle - Sr.KG B - A
  • Samarth Khanna - Mini KG - A+


Events of the Month

KG. re opens


  • Diwali Vacation: 16th Oct.2017 to2nd Nov.2017.
  • KG. re opens on 3rd Nov.2017, and will work half day.
  • Submissions on 3rd November’2017
    • One musical instrument made from waste material,
    • Diwali Homework book
    • Project book.